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Special Education Programs



State and Federal Law ensures that “all individuals with exceptional needs have a available to them a free, appropriate public education and related services to meet their unique needs.” When a child is being assessed for possible special education needs, an IEP team shall be convened. The Mother Lode Union School District provides special education services through the following programs:

Designated Instruction and Service

Such instruction and services will be provided by the regular class teacher, the special education teacher, or specialists competent to provide such instruction and services. If not, the appropriately credentialed Designated Instruction and Service (DIS) specialist will provide such instruction and service. Some examples are: Adapted P.E., Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language services. If your child needs a specialized service which relates to his/her educational progress, it may be provided by the local schools, El Dorado County Office of Education, or an outside agency.

Resource Specialist Program

The Resource Specialist provides instructional services to students in order to implement the IEP. He/she also provides consultation to parents and regular staff members in areas such as assessment, curriculum and classroom management as well as monitoring pupil services with regular school programs. The majority of the student’s day must be spent in the regular program.

Special Day Classes

Students with more intensive educational needs may require Special Day Classes. Placement in Special Day Classes shall occur only when the nature of the handicap is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aides and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily. At least 50% of the student’s day is spent in Special Day Classes.

Search and Serve

The District continues to ensure that eligible children with handicaps have the opportunity to participate in programs and receive appropriate special education services. Young people from the age of three with suspected special education needs can be assessed. Programs and services are available for eligible pupils.

Referral and Identification

Referrals for identification of a child (Age 3 through eighth grade) with possible special needs may come from:

• Parents
• Teachers
• Doctors
• Community Agency Personnel
• School Based Student Study or Child Study Team
• Any concerned Individual
• The Child

Assessment will be done only with parent permission at which time a parent will receive a copy of their rights. The reauthorization of IDEA states that research based strategies must be implemented the student’s response to interventions must be proved to be minimal or unsuccessful before he/she can be referred for special education services.

The school site Student Study Team discusses and recommends intervention strategies using regular school resources and personnel. The SST may refer a student to special education only after all resources of regular education have been considered and when the response to research based intervention has been unsuccessful.


Assessment is done through testing and conferences held among those who have worked with the student—teachers, nurses, counselors, therapists, psychologist and others. The assessment must be completed and an IEP meeting held within 60 days after receipt of a signed assessment plan.

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

If a student has a need for special education, and is eligible for services, and Individualized Education Program will be designed to meet the student’s needs.. This will take place at a meeting attended by the parent and the school personnel and may include others as appropriate.

Parents' Rights

Parents of student receiving special education services are notified of all of their rights annually and at various stages within the special education process. The District can assist with any questions.


An Individualized Education Program will be developed during the planning meeting if it is determined that special education is needed. The program will include:

• A summary of the assessment findings, including the student’s strengths as well as needs.
• A statement of goals and objectives which the group suggests for the student.
• A list of specific services that will be used to find out how well the plan is working (evaluation).
• Recommendation for placement.
• The starting date and frequency of services.

A parents’ consent is required before the IEP can be put into effect. At least once a year there will be a meeting to review the plan to determine if the plan is still appropriate or if it needs to be changed.


Director of Special Education:   Sadie Hedegard

(530) 622-6464 x 439
Indian Creek Elementary School (530) 626-0765
Herbert Green Middle School (530) 622-4668


Alta California Regional Center (530) 626-1353
Californian Children’s Services (530) 621-6137
El Dorado County Office of Education

(530) 622-7130
Special Services- x2275

SELPA- x2228

P.R.I.D.E. & Joy (Infant to 3 yrs.) (530) 626-5164

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