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MLUSD Bus Side
The Mother Lode Transportation Department is dedicated to providing safe, efficient, and reliable busing services for the students of the Mother Lode Union School District. Our students receive training on emergency procedures and are given a clearly defined list of bus rules to assure safe and continuous riding privileges. 
District Bus Operators are provided with approved Department of Education driver training in excess of the annual requirements of the California Highway Patrol. In addition, instructions in other pertinent pupil management subjects are provided making Mother Lode Bus Operators extremely well trained and who perform in a most professional manner.  The District bus fleet consists of modern, well maintained buses equipped with two way radios for better communication, digital video surveillance to assist the driver with pupil management, and GPS so we know where the buses are at all times.

Student Bus Stop Assignments

When registering for school, parents are asked to select a permanent bus stop assignment for the rest of the school year. Students wishing to board or depart from a different route or from a bus stop other than their assigned stop may only do so with written permission. A student bus assignment form must be signed by a parent and approved by the school office prior to boarding the bus.  This form indicates up to two (2) bus stops the student will be allowed to exit the bus.  At the time a bus assignment form is received by the Transportation Department, a bus pass will be issued. 

Should a bus arrive at an assigned bus stop for a two week period and no students board the bus, the bus stop will be deactivated.  Should parents wish to reactive the bus stop, they will need to contact the Transportation Office.  It may take up to four (4) business days to complete the process.

Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety, conduct, and timely arrival of their children to, from, and at the designated school bus stop before the arrival of the school bus for pick-up and transport to school and the timely departure of the child after the school bus leaves the designated school bus stop after transporting the children from school.  

school bus in front of warehouse

Snow Days or other emergency closure days

The winter season brings the possibility of snow and slippery roads. District policy regarding snow days is based purely on road conditions and if buses can operate safely. On questionable mornings, a decision will be made and publicized by 6:00 A.M. if school will open at the regular time or will be postponed two hours. Should school opening be postponed due to road conditions and those conditions remain unsafe, school will then be cancelled for the day. In cases of school postponement, all morning bus routes times will reflect the same two hour delay with dismissal at the regular time.  If a delayed start is on a Wednesday, there will be no collaboration schedule that day and dismissal will be the "regular day" dismissal time.