Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader has been selected by our district due to extensive data that supports the effectiveness of the program.  Two key features of the program are that students read books that are challenging but not frustrating for them to read (for all levels of readers) and they receive frequent feedback about their performance which motivates them to continue reading.

The AR program involves the following steps:

  1. Students periodically take an online test (called STAR Reading - not to be confused with the state assessment).  This test will determine a reading level range that is most appropriate for the student taking the assessment.

  2. Students will then set personal goals that are based on the number of points that they plan to acquire over a specific time period.  Points are determined using a system designed by AR.  Many of the books available to students have been examined by AR representatives and have been assigned points according to the length and difficulty of the book.  Books are also categorized by book levels (difficulty of text) and interest levels (themes and ideas related to age groups).

  3. Students will be selecting books to read based on points possible, the reading level, interest level, etc.  Once they have finished the book, they will take a quiz online that specifically addresses the content of the book that has been read.  It is very important that students put forth their best effort the first time they take the quiz because they cannot retake the quiz.  Students acquire points by successfully completing quizzes.

AR has evaluated thousands of books by assigning them points and reading levels.  They continue to evaluate books every day.  MLUSD has a large number of AR books in the libraries, but you will also find AR books in county libraries or through various vendors if you choose to purchase them.  You can find out which books have been assigned points by AR by visiting the AR Book Finder website: AR Book Find located here

You will be able to see how your students is doing with the program by logging on to Renaissance Home Connect - a portal that you or your child can log into for a variety of information such as your child's reading level, books read and scores on quizzes.  Students cannot take quizzes on Home Connect - they must take quizzes at school.  The Home Connect portal is located here. You will receive a letter from your child's teacher providing login information.

Through the Home Connect portal you can arrange to be notified when your child takes a quiz so that you can congratulate them for their success, and you can encourage them to take quizzes when they finish books. 

AR Presentation (PowerPoint)

Herbert Green Reading Log