Facility Use Information

Please refer to the Facilities Use Fee Schedule to determine the correct rate for your user classification.

Facilities applications are picked up and turned in at the appropriate school site. They must include the following to be accepted:

  • Completed Checklist

  • Completed application

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance – one million dollars minimum required

  • Form A: Free of Charge User or from B: Users for a Fee – whichever is applicable

  • Hold Harmless Agreement

  • Statement of Information

  • Flyer for Event

The school site will send your completed application to the District Office for final approval.

User Classifications:

Class I:  District appointed committees, School Site Councils, District Employee Organizations, PTS/School Clubs.

Class II:  Non-profit youth sports and other activities, volunteer fire departments, adult recreation, adult education classes, special interest clubs, homeowners' associations, community service districts, city and county organizations and commissions, state organizations and commissions.

Class III:  Profit making and commercial enterprises, including non-profit organizations fundraising events, churches, religious instruction.


Class I:  No fee, except when custodial services are required after designated hours, then $35.00 per use.

Class II:  Pay Utility Fee ($10.00 per hour) and Custodial Fee ($23.00 per use), M-F; $35.00 per hour with a 2-hour minimum on weekends and holidays or field maintenance fee per use.)  (One-half of fees may be paid in volunteer labor or goods to be pre-arranged with the District by scouts or for field usage.)

Class III:

  • Fair Rental Fee (fee per hour)

  • Utility Fee ($10.00 per hour)

  • Custodial Fee ($23.00 per day M-F; $35.00 on weekends/holidays)

Fair Rental Fees:


Gym/Multi-Purpose Rm.



Act. Rm./Library

Herbert Green





Charles Brown





Indian Creek







Field Maintenance Fee:


Field Code

Field Location


Herbert Green

HG #1 & 2

Upper Fields

$20.00 per day

HG #3

Lower Field

$20.00 per day

Charles Brown

CB #1

Snoopy Ln South

$20.00 per day

CB # 2 & 3

Snoopy Ln North

$10.00 per day

South of MPR

$10.00 per day

Indian Creek

IC #1 & 3

West and East

$10.00 per day

IC # 2 

North Field

$20.00 per day

NOTES: Custodial time not included above; per hour custodial time added to cost of facility if outside of standard hours or if dedicated time is needed. Cafeteria and MPR time included above and required for any usage of kitchen. 

Custodial fee is $35 per hour, 2-hour minimum, when use of facility is outside regular custodial work hours.

*Day custodial fees may be reviewed for applicability for events ending before 6:00 p.m.

Facility Use Conditions

The Mother Lode Union School District has the following use conditions and rules for all approved field use requests:

  • All backstops or goals used by your organization must be moved to a new, rested portion off the field weekly in a planned and rotating manner. Please contact the Chief Business Official, Lisa Donaldson (530)622-6464 x433, and the site maintenance personnel for an approval of your plans for rotating the fields.

  • No base lines, batting or pitching areas of a permanent nature or other markings or structures that will destroy or damage the turf will be permitted. Water base paint or marking chalk may be used for lining fields as needed.

  • Benches, tables or other items of this type are NOT to be moved onto the field and parents or spectators should be asked and encouraged to furnish their own seating.

  • All bottles, trash and waste of all types are to be cleaned up from the fields and must be placed in trash receptacles. NO litter of any kind to remain on fields or campus after use.

  • Your organization will be held responsible for broken sprinklers or any other damage occurring during your requested use period.  Changing of water schedules must be brought to the attention of the Maintenance/Grounds person by phone or email.   Lisa Donaldson (530)622-6464 x433, ldonaldson@mlusd.net

  • Any equipment that is brought in, such as portable toilets and storage units, must be pre-approved and is the League’s responsibility. 

  • Parking of vehicles MUST be restricted to the main site parking lots of each school location to assure fire lanes for any emergency vehicles.  No parking is allowed on the basketball courts or bus circle.

  • Please respect any “closed” portions of the fields as repairs or resting of the area is underway.

  • Skateboarding and bicycling are not permitted on all ramps, walkways or in the parking areas of the campus.

  • Please do not permit unsupervised children in areas other than the playing fields, playgrounds or apparatus areas.  Children should be at the event and not roaming by themselves throughout the campus.

  • We ask that you please treat our fields as though they were your own lawn.

Granting permission for use of requested facilities does not indicate an obligation of any responsibility or liability in any form by the Mother Lode Union School District should injuries or property damage occur while using District Facilities.

Approval for use will be revoked at any time should any of the above conditions not be met. Thanks for helping us in maintaining a high-quality campus for the continuing use of this community.