Bus Expectations/Rules




Be Safe

  • Walk

  • Wait for door to open

  • Use handrail

  • Use on stair at a time

  • Stay seated

  • Keep aisle clear

  • No eating or drinking

  • Face forward

  • Wear seat belt

  • Stay seated until door opens

  • Unload single file

  • Use one stair at a time

  • Walk at least 12 feet from bus

Be Responsible

  • Be on time

  • Be in line

  • Be ready

  • Find your seat

  • Check in with bus pass

  • Backpack on lap

  • Stay seated

  • Pay attention

  • Use cellphone and other devices properly

  • Get off at assigned stop

  • Be ready

  • Leave a clean seat

  • Check out a bus pass

Be Respectful

  • Use good manners

  • Indoor voices

  • Be respectful of others

  • Welcome greeting

  • Follow bus driver instructions

  • Silent cell phones

  • Use indoor voices

  • Treat others kindly

  • Listen to adults

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Exit quietly

  • Exit greeting

Take Pride in Your Ride

Bus Safety Rules:

  1. Obey bus driver instructions at all times

  2. Remain seated, facing forward

  3. Be respectful by keeping hands to self and using appropriate language

  4. Do not throw items inside the bus or out of the window

  5. Keep all noise levels low, including voices, cell phones, or anything the bus driver indicates is too loud or distracting

Driver may enforce more rules for SAFETY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY

PARENTS & STUDENTS: Remember these important safety policies:

  1. Cell phones, audio, video recording, or any other items determined by driver to cause disruptive or unsafe conditions may not be transported or may be confiscated by the driver and returned at the discretion of the department and students are responsible for all electronics brought onto the bus.

  2. Riding the School Bus requires a Bus Pass. Please get one for your student at the district office located at 3783 Forni Rd.

  3. Students are responsible to have their bus pass every day to show to the bus driver.  Lost bus passes must be replaced.  There may be a $5 fee for replacement passes for repeat offenses.

  4. Students must depart the bus at their designated bus stop except when the student has a signed bus stop assignment form from the parent/guardian, approved through the school office, giving permission to get off at another stop. No more than two bus stops may be authorized for each student.

  5. Students are responsible to use seatbelts when provided.

  6. Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety, conduct, and timely arrival of their children to, from, and at the designated school bus stop before the arrival of the school bus for pick up. 

  7. Students, parents, or guardians shall arrive at least 10 minutes prior to pick-up or drop off scheduled bus stop times.

  8. Kindergarten students may not be left unattended or released without authorized adult at a bus stop.  By registering students for home-to-school transportation, parents acknowledge all other grades have the ability to get themselves home.

  9. Parents may be financially responsible for any damage done by their student.

  10. Prohibited Items: Live animals, weapons, skateboards, scooters, bikes, balloons, glass containers. Large products should be transported by parent/guardian.