Health Care Benefit Information

District health care benefits (Medical, Dental, and Vision) are provided through California's Valued Trust (CVT). You can access your health care benefit information through your account at MyCVT.

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How to create a MyCVT Account

2022 - 2023 Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for Medical, Dental, and Vision through CVT is September 1 - September 23, 2022. This is the only time during the school year to make changes to your medical, dental, and vision plans. Such changes can include switching providers and adding or deleting dependents. After September 23, 2022, staff members will not be allowed to make changes to their health care plans unless they have a qualifying event.

Staff members may view, compare, and modify their coverage during Open Enrollment online through MyCVT. On September 1st your account will have a button to modify your benefits. This button will allow you to compare plans and makes changes. No changes are final until you hit the save button. If you decide not to make changes hit the cancel button.

While you can compare the different plans available to you through your MyCVT online account, rates are not available. If you would like to compare rates, please find your classification below and click on the rate sheet.

If you do not have access to a computer and would like to change your health benefits, please contact Jennifer Delgado at

If you have no plan changes, no action is required.

If you have questions regarding access to MyCVT or the different plans available to you, please call CVT directly:

Phone: 800-288-9870


2022 - 2023 Plan Rates

CVT Plan Changes and Enhancements

Certificated Active

Rate Sheet

Certificated District Paid Retiree

Rate Sheet

Classified Active

Rate Sheet

Classified District Paid Retiree

Rate Sheet

Management Active

Rate Sheet

Management District Paid Retiree

Rate Sheet

Trustees Active

Rate Sheet

Trustees District Paid Retiree

Rate Sheet