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It is Ms. Hess’s first year here at Herbert Green Middle School and to
make her feel welcomed, and help students get to know her, I sat down
with her and asked her a few questions about what she thinks of Herbert
Green and what her interests are.
Ms. Hess chose to be a teacher because she didn’t have the best
teachers growing up. So, she wanted to be a better teacher for her
students. Speaking of her students, her favorite part about being a
teacher is when her students make her laugh. And her favorite part
about Herbert Green is the community here. She says that she likes that
it is small and friendly.
Next, I asked her about her likes and interests. When asked "if you
could be anywhere in the world right now where you be?", she answered,
like most of us, that she would be in Hawaii. The commonalities don't
stop there; Ms. Hess also likes to watch cartoons. She also included that her favorite movie is Alice and
Ms. Hess was also asked that if she had the chance to meet any famous person, who would it be. She
would love to meet the American musician Buckethead. However, Ms. Hess’s favorite band is Black
The best way to get to know someone is by learning about their favorite foods. Thai is Ms. Hess’s
favorite cuisine and her favorite dessert, to have after literally anything, is strawberries.
Make sure to say hello to Ms. Hess in the hallway and give her a big Herbert Green welcome!