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Cyberbullying isn’t a good thing, because it can hurt people, give people insecurities, and
cause depression. Even if it means not fighting or arguing back, you should always tell an adult
if someone is cyberbullying you.
If someone is cyberbullying you, ignore them, tell them to stop, or leave you alone (don’t do
it back). Cyberbullying should be discussed with someone who has also been bullied and can
help calm you down. If someone doesn’t leave you alone, it’s best to block them or remove
them to stop the cyberbullying.
Treating people kindly online can make peoples’ day and those you treat with kindness
may treat you the same way you want to be treated.
Cyberbullying is a choice. Most people bully to be cool or to make a joke out of it, but they
don’t know how much it can hurt. Hurting people online needs to stop because you're either
being rude to someone, because you’re jealous or because you’re not happy with your own