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This year, we have many options for elective classes, such as
Newspaper, Coding, Engineering, and even foreign languages such
as German or Spanish! But there is another interesting class, with a
topic that isn't really touched upon often in schools or even in
college, and that is learning how to manage money in the real world,
as well as dealing with taxes and personal savings. Ms. Wyant
picked up this topic in her elective "The Game of Life".
In "The Game of Life", students earn money and Ms. Wyant
shows her students how to manage and save the money they've
earned. The kids save up money through the jobs they chose. Students rent different spots in the room, like the
floor for $25 and the couches for $250. Ms. Wyant explained that she does this to “help students understand the
value of money and how to save it, and how to make smart spending decisions
Managing money, may not be the most exciting topic, but Ms. Wyant tries to make the class as interesting as
possible for her students, by trying to play fun games with the topics and even holding a classroom auction that
students can participate in. The auction is held two times a trimester, where students can use their saved money
to buy different things from the auction, such as a stuffed animal or candy. The students can also bring in their
own items to put in for the auctions for others to buy.
Money Management will introduce you to skills you will need in the future, especially with things like working in
jobs, learning how valuable money really is, and what you should most likely decide to spend your money on.
You can email Ms. Wyant at dwyant@mlusd.net if you are interested in taking or learning more about this
elective class

Article was originally written in September 2021