Kindergarten Information

Kinder Round-Up: (English) (Espanol)

Bus Route Information

To the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of 2022-23 Kindergarten Students:

We would like to invite you and your child to ride the school bus for this year’s Kindergarten Orientation. This will be a positive experience for your child’s 1st day on the school bus. KINDERGARTEN ROUND UP is a special morning set aside for you and your child. Transportation will be provided for you and your child to and from school. This orientation will provide Kindergarten students and parents with state-required training in school bus safety. I would like to encourage you to pick the bus stop that your child could be using during the actual school year. This way your child will be more comfortable and aware of his/her surroundings if they need to ride the bus at any point during the year.

NOTE: Whether your child will ride every day, occasionally, or only during class field trips, it is required for your child to learn about riding the school bus safely and the location of the nearest school bus stop to home.

Tuesday August 9th, 2022

Transportation will be provided for you and your child to and from school. Please find the nearest bus stop to your home by online by viewing our Bus Routes.

During your child’s first school year it is our policy that kindergarten students may only exit the school bus at a school bus stop when an authorized adult, parent, or guardian is present. The driver is responsible for the identification of any unknown person(s) requesting the release of a student.

Your child’s school bus driver will arrive at your child’s bus stop at the regular scheduled time. Please arrive at your bus stop 10 minutes prior to the stop time. If you have any questions concerning your child’s route, please feel free to call us at (530) 626-4831.